Sylvia, Tracey & Tamara Alexander with Black Horses Ltd’s KFPS Model Friesian Mare & 3 times UK Breed Champion ANJA

Stable Stays – the Friesian sleepover

The UK’s only equestrian centre dedicated to educating and caring for Friesian horses has unveiled a brand new attraction offering the ultimate equine sleepover experience.

For a staycation with unique appeal Stable Staysprovides equestrian lovers with a cosy stable for a horse and an adjoining bedroom to cosy up under the duvet next to one of the magnificent Friesian horses living at Black Horses Ltd.   Situated in the Lake District National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Greenbank Farm is the horse-lover’s perfect overnight stay.

Sisters Tamara and Tracey Alexander and their mother Sylvia have converted one of the ancient stables on Greenbank Farm into a place where people can spend a night or two with one of the resident Friesians or bring their horse for a holiday. They have created a lovely bedroom with a clear, see-through partition and open top so guests can see and interact with the horse in the adjoining stable.

Tamara looks after running the accommodation side of the business, while Tracey has 17 Friesian horses in her care, some of which are retired veterans with mellow personalities who make wonderful sleepover companions. All the Friesians simply adore being pampered and groomed.

Tracey Alexander says: “For the die hard horse lover we bring you the unique opportunity to make those childhood dreams come true. Stable Stays – The Friesian Sleepover may just be the best sleepover ever and the first of its kind in the UK and possibly the World!”

Aimed at horse lovers of any age, people can spend time with one of our beautiful Friesian horses and share a self-catering stable for the night. Equipped with double & single bunk bed, mini kitchen, fridge, microwave, en-suite wet room with shower and portable eco toilet, there’s nothing more special than waking up next to a real Black Beauty.

This is a wonderful experience open to people of all ages including younger children (accompanied by an adult), who want to have a magical overnight stay bunking-up with a Friesian under magical twinkling fairy lights.

“My childhood dream come true! Magical Stable Stay with my favourite Black Horse. Wonderful experience. Will definitely do it again!” Says Catherine Zoeftig one of the first visitors to enjoy a Stable Stays experience.

This is the latest Friesian Experience to be offered by Tracey Alexander in another creative farm diversification project. People travel from across the globe including USA, Australia, China, Japan, Europe as well as the UK.  Visitors can enjoy bespoke Friesian Experiences including learning more about the Friesian breed, taking part in various equestrian activities including hacks around the Cartmel countryside & beach rides for experienced riders, carriage driving lessons, bespoke therapy sessions, farm tours, meeting and grooming these exquisite black beauties and memory-capturing photoshoots with local equestrian photographer, Sandy Kitching.

Stable Stays prices start at £250 per night for the stable and sharing with a fabulous Friesian horse or the resident and sensational Shetland pony.